Friday, 14 January 2011

Ottobre magazines

Over the past few days I had two queries regarding sold out OTTOBRE magazines. They seem impossible to get hold of anymore which leads me to my question:

Is there anyone out there who would want to part with (sell) their Ottobre kids issue 6/2007 and 3/2008? If so, please let me know and I will pass it on to my customers. (And thanks to Lorna who had this great idea to ask the blogger world!)


Kathryn said...

Ooh ooh! I can't help I'm afraid (there is a long list of things I would rather hand over than one of my ottobres) but if anyone has any of the 2000 issues, I would pay good money for them... Sorry for the hijack nicole.

Nicole said...

I don't mind at all, Kathryn, maybe someone will come forward.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, I've been listing some sewing books and Ottobre issues (incluiding issue 6/2007) on ebay(uk). Shipping is from Portugal. If you wish go and take a look ( Ana Sofia

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