Thursday, 21 October 2010

It has been fairly quiet on my blog recently, apologies for that. My mum was visiting us a couple of weeks ago and we had a lovely time together. And then my shop has been keeping me busy with a lot of new fabrics having arrived over the last few weeks. So there hasn't been much time for sewing. Nevertheless, as it's got quite cold here all of a sudden, I had to finish this winter-set for Leoni: hat, scarf and gloves in red fleece and navy jersey/fleece.

Another jumper is in the making right now, but I'm not sure if I'll manage to finish it before I fly out to Amsterdam early Monday morning. Fabric shopping for next summer, yippee!


michal said...

what a cute set... makes me wish it was winter here (well, actually it is, but the summer refuses to leave us :-))

Millie said...

Lovely set! Lucky Leoni, and lucky you, getting to fabric shop....again!

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