Thursday, 28 October 2010

Growing up

When the Sneakers jersey arrived, Leoni asked straight away, if I would made her something with it. "A skirt would be great, mummy, or a dress please". I wasn't sure if that was such a good idea now that winter is approaching fast, so I convinced her that a jumper/long-sleeved t-shirt would be a better option. But the whole piece out of the sneakers fabric? Not what my daughter had in mind. She wanted it colourful and, oh boy, this one is VERY colourful. It was her, who chose all the matching jerseys. To be honest, when it was finished I didn't like it very much (the first time this has actually happened) and I thought it would better suit a boy. But my daughter loves it and my suggestion of putting it in the shop for sale made her nearly cry. Ok girl, it's yours. And yesterday she wore it for the first time and seeing it on her I now quite like it actually.


WandaFish said...

Oh, Nicole that looks great on Leoni! It looks like she's a budding designer :)

Emily & Connor- made by Mama said...

Cool :)
LG Maya

Millie said...

Oh, it's really lovely on her! I quite like when the children chose something that is not so obviously suitable. I think it shows a strong personal style!

madebymum said...

very hip

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