Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Flower and Food Festival 2010

Last weekend was this years Flower and Food Festival and it's been fantastic! The weather was great (compared to last year where the first day had to be cancelled due to flooding) and there was about a total of 25.000 visitors over the weekend. Thankfully, quite a lot of them stopped at my stall :-) I had made a lot of small items to sell, but surprisingly this year it was the clothes that sold best. I met Jacqueline from Perth, she had a stall right opposite mine and she makes really cute cookery outfits for kids. Here are some photos:

Apron set madebymum


michal said...

ir all looks so lovely. I am not suprised the clothes went well, the clothes you make are so cute!

madebymum said...

Hi Nicole your clothes were gorgeous, you use such beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the Made by Mum mention.


Looks perfect! And cute apron and hat! Kx

Millie said...

The stand looks so colourful...I'm sure people were drawn to it!

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