Monday, 1 February 2010

Sewing t-shirts is fun

One of my problems is (although I don't see it as one :-), that I can't throw leftover pieces of fabric away. Even the smallest ones are kept in a big box until I can't close the lid anymore. And as Leoni has grown out of most of her t-shirts, it was time to rake through the overflowing box of jersey remnants and "produce" some new t-shirts.
I really like the ANTONIA pattern as this is an excellent way of mixing and matching. So I sewed these three t-shirts over the past couple of days and when they were done, Leoni chose the velours appliques she wanted (she actually would have covered the shirts in appliques if I hadn't stopped her) and I ironed them on.
Done, child happy, what more do I want :-)



These are really Cool, esp the 2 spotty ones, does the pattern go up to adult size (I'm a big kid at heart!!!). K

Millie said...

Lovely! I have something similar planned for my boy, not in pink and orange though!

Alexandra Mason said...

They look great i would wear them too! xx

Les Petits Anglais said...

Really cute. I have a similar thing about scraps. I'm not organised enough to put them in a big box though - the non-ecologically friendly plastic carrier bags are taking over the sewing room!

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