Thursday, 11 February 2010

I got an award!

First of all, sorry for not having updated the blog for over a week, but it's been very busy here.

A big "Thank You" to Millie from Needles and Haystacks for this award! It's the second award I've received and I'm really happy about it. I would like to pass the award onto the following bloggers: Natasha, Martine, Louise, Marie, Little Gem, Jess, and Lorie.

And now I have to tell you seven things about me you didn't know. I'm not sure there is that many, but I try...
  • I can be very impatient
  • I like skiing
  • I'm a member of Dundee Choral Union, you can find me in the Alto's
  • These are the places I've been on holiday to before I came to Scotland to "settle down": Thailand, Kenia, South Africa, USA, Mexico, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Portugal, and Iceland
  • I LOVE cheese and red wine
  • I used to do ballroom dancing for eight years, quite intensively, up to four nights a week plus weekends
  • I keep myself fit with Body Combat


LittleGem said...

thank you for my lovely award :) lovely to lean more about you! x

Millie said...

How interesting! Nice to know more about you.


Congratulations!!! Kx

nellieandelsie said...

Thank You so so much for my lovely award! It has made me VERY smiley. :) xxx

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