Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lippischer Pickert

All my English, or better non-German followers will probably be lost now with the post title, but this is a traditional dish from the region (Lippe) I come from in Germany. It is made from potatoes, flour, yeast and lots of eggs and raisins if you prefer and resembles  a bit like a thick pancake.
My gran gave me the recipe years ago but I never got round to make them - until today. Yes, it's my first attempt and I'm quite chuffed with it.  I didn't know how many would come out of the recipe, but luckily they can go in the freezer :-) They don't look as round as the ones my gran used to make (so there's room for improvement) but they taste almost exactly the same. And best being reheated the next day and then with jam on it!

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