Thursday, 5 December 2013

Where has the time gone? I noticed this morning that my last post was from the 11th of November! But I suppose I'm not the only one who feels that especially in the run up to Christmas time just seems to fly. And no matter how good the intentions are not to have a too busy and stressful advent time, it never goes to plan. There are school events, pantomimes, dance shows, oh the list goes on and on and it is no rare occasion that some events fall on the same day and a decision has to be made which one to attend. I'm really looking forward to the time after Christmas when everything calms down again, hopefully!
Enough of moaning now, I have been busy sewing over the past weeks and here is another skirt I just finished. The lady ordered an Insa skirt in pink not long ago and was so pleased with it that she asked me to make another one in red as a Christmas present.

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