Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Apologies for being very quiet here on my blog. The shows in Glasgow and Birmingham - both of them I thoroughly enjoyed - took quite a bit of preparation time and I've been sewing for them every spare second. Some of the items I showed you earlier are already sold and as you can imagine I'm very happy about that :-). So here are the rest of the clothes I've been working on:

I wish you all a lovely Easter weekend with lots of sunshine and hopefully no more snow!!!


tartantaz said...

Hello, I met you at the Glasgow show. I bought fabric and an Anna pattern. I wanted to thank you for your help that day. I have posted pictures of the dress on my blog. Feel free to pop over and let me know what you think. Cheers T

Nicole said...

You are very welcome, it was very nice meeting you in Glasgow. I've just been over to your blog and the dress looks fab!

tartantaz said...

Cheers, is your shop online only? I much prefer to see and touch what I'm buying. Though, having said that, as I've seen your products at the show I would buy from online now if I am unable to see it first hand. T

Nicole said...

Hi, yes I only trade online and don't have premises. But if you're local or passing through Dundee you are always welcome to pop in, just let me know you're coming to make sure I'm in :-)

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