Monday, 23 April 2012

New prices

I picked up a leaflet from the post office today regarding Royal Mails new prices. Oh boy, do they really have to rise the prices that much?!!

For all my non-UK customers: unfortunately, my shipping costs will increase slightly by the 30th of April due to the Royal Mail price rise. But I always try to send it the cheapest way (by courier, if possible) to minimize the costs.

Now for all my UK customers:  up to this point I've always sent out orders 1st class or as standard parcel where possible. To continue to do so I would have to increase the postage rates UK wide as well. The other option would be sending them 2nd class, where possible, and using a courier even for smaller parcels. This means though, you would have to wait a little longer for your orders to arrive.
Please let me know what you think, you opinion is much appreciated!


Joy said...

I am horrified by how much post is going to increase. We are all in the same boat so its not like you are up against other companies that can offer much better. From the customer point of view. I quite like options at the checkout. If I am in a rush I will pay more for it. If I am not, I like the option of a more affordable option. You were fabulously fast when I purchased from you so betting even second class would be better than some at so called 1st.

Nicole said...

Thank you Joy :-)

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