Friday, 6 January 2012

New dress

Do you know the problem? You buy tights and then you find your child has nothing really to wear with it (well, except a denim skirt). So what does woman do? Sew a dress to match them!!!
The pattern is from the Ottobre 6/2007, the HILDA dress pattern. I had to shorten the sleeves (they are always too long for some reason) and added some contrasting Campan jersey for some colour. The hood is lined in plain pink jersey, oh yes, and the brown fabric is jogging sweat. It is already a favourite with Leoni, but now definitely ready for the wash...


Kathryn said...

I wasn't struck by Hilda in the magazine but that is a fabulous take on it. I've been looking for a non-Olivia knit dress and I think I'll have to try Hilda out! Gorgeous and Leonie looks so cool in it.


Perfect dress! I could do wih one of hose o snuggle ino. kx

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