Wednesday, 6 April 2011


After some discussion about what fabric the coat was going to be made of, Leoni and I agreed on plain denim with red/pink fleece. Sort of neutral. Leoni wanted a completely different fabric, but I didn't. So we kind of met half way. But as the blue by itself was quite boring, my embroidery machine had to get active again :-)
I made the coat in a size 122/128, still quite a bit on the big side, but this way it should still fit in autumn.


madebymum said...

lovely and so grown up.

Millie said...

Wonderful coat! She is lovely....I can still see her doing cart-wheel afer cart-wheel!

Katy M said...

Wow I love this coat! I want to make it for my 2 year old daughter Isabella (well she is an Izzy after all, I just have to!) I am a bit of a novice though, before I order the pattern I want to ask, is it a complicated one? Hope not xx

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