Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Jury Duty

Have you ever been on Jury Duty? I hadn't, never actually thought about it, until I received a citation a few weeks ago, saying I was asked to attend court on Monday, 7th of June, but to phone the day before if I was really required. So I phoned on Sunday night, listened to the lady's voice on the tape, phoned again, listened again, thought I'd understand what she was saying but asked Alan to phone again just to make sure. He had to listen to it twice as well.... why can they not record someone with a clear voice saying simple sentences?? Anyway, the message was I didn't need to attend that day, but should phone back on Monday night if I was needed on Tuesday. This time the message was clear: Tuesday morning 9:45. Ok, I was there on Tuesday as requested together with 36 other people just to get told to come back at 12pm. Fine, we thought and off we went for a coffee. Good citizens as we are, no one absconded, we went back for 12 o'clock. Fifteen minutes later a nice lady informed us that we weren't needed today, very sorry, but should return Wednesday (today) at 10am. Great! Time well spent.

So we all met again this morning, hoping to be getting on with whatever we were waiting for, and we were actually taken to the courtroom. Wow! They explained everything, the whole procedure, and guess what, sent us away for a coffee again! Please be back for 12pm. So off we went again. Hoping the case would go ahead now, we all gathered again in the jury room at requested time, only to be told there had been a technical problem and we should get some lunch and return at 2pm. Can you image that not everyone was very happy about this? Finally, after this unvolunary break the moment had come to learn who out of this 37 people was actually going to be on the jury (that still wasn't clear). All names got thrown into a bowl and an important looking person chose 15 jurors. I wasn't one of the lucky, or rather unlucky ones to get picked, and we were 'released'. Seemingly this happens all the time. I just hope that it will be a very long time before I have to do it again. If at all.

Time for some sewing again, yipee!


michal said...

funny :-) (to read your story... I guess going through such a waste of your time is far less funny!)

Millie said...

I have never been called...I know people who have been called, but no-one who has been chosen! Not sure what that says...I'm just glad that you have more sewing time!

Kathryn said...

I've been called twice but each time had to decline the treat. The first time, I was working for the Crown Prosecution Service so I was exempt since I might not have been entirely unbiased. The second time I was a Legal Executive in private practice so I was exempt. Both times I was disappointed, which I now realise was very naive of me! Enjoy the sewing time!

The undomesticated scientist said...

i went on it, spent 2 weeks sitting on my bum doing nothing! got lots of shopping done mind and we got sent home early every day!

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