Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wenn einer eine Reise tut...

...dann kann er was erleben! That's German and means as much as: if you go on a journey you have lots to tell! And so have I. Two days before I was due to fly out one of my suppliers informed me that their new collection wasn't finished! Great, but as I had booked one of those cheap flights I rebooking wasn't an option. I needed some bits and bobs from the wholesaler anyway and was going to see the two other suppliers, so off I went. When I arrived at my first appointment, the rep had totally forgotten I was coming and told me that their collection wasn't finished either. Brilliant! He was really sorry, but nothing could be done. Next stop was the wholesaler, which surprisingly went to plan. My third supplier had his collection ready and finally I managed to order some lovely new materials. That was all on Monday. My flight home was scheduled for Wednesday (today). And as I had  never been in Amsterdam before, I spent the whole day yesterday sightseeing. It was really lovely and here are some pictures:

Anne Frank House

And then there was on the news last night that some airports in Scotland were shut again due to the ash cloud. Honestly, I was already thinking of some other ways to travel home: other airports or maybe ferry? But then this morning there was no sign of complications and my flight left on time. Everything was fine, I was on my way home again. 

There was only one more small surprise for me when I collected my suitcase:

That's the work of the Dutch baggage handlers, but thankfully there was no serious damage to the contents of my bag. Oh yes, and two hours after my arrival back here Edinburgh airport was closed due to the ash cloud. What a journey!

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michal said...

well... it's good to be home, right? :-)
I am sorry this journey did not progress according to plans! I'm sure the next one will!

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