Tuesday, 20 October 2009

House of colour

Recommended by some of my friends I spoilt myself and went to a colour class at House Of Colour . The session was all about finding out the colours that suit your type. There were three of us and a very nice lady, the colour consultant. Each of us had to sit in front of a mirror, shoulders and hair covered with a white sheet, and no make-up of course. Then the lady put different scarfes around you to see which colours lit up your face or made you even paler (and I am very pale without make-up). It was really AMAZING! At the end of the class I got a small wallet with MY colours in, which I can take with me when shopping for clothes. It was a very interesting experience and I can really recommend it to everyone!

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Millie said...

How interesting. I'd love to do that. Every time I wear green people comment on how well it looks on me. I have green eyes, so I suppose that's part of the reason. I'd love to know what else suits me.

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