Friday, 28 August 2009

We've been creative today

Leoni came home from school today and wanted to sew! Mmh, not quite what I had in mind for the day, but...
Together we made a simple tote bag before, she cut it and I sewed. So it had to be something different. I came across the little owls in the latest issue of the Sew Hip magazine and I really liked them. And it was real teamwork: Leoni chose the fabrics, traced the pattern of the sheet, cut the fabrics and helped a little bit with the sewing. Then she stuffed the owl, ears and feet and I handstitched all the other bits on. It's really nice to see that she is enjoying crafts. And she is very proud of her owl :-)

1 comment:

Millie said...

How Lovely. My daughter would love the chance to make something like this! She's forever 'snipping' as she calls it. She has paper dolls that she make fabric clothes for but nothing this lovely. I must try harder!

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