Wednesday 25 November 2009

What do you think?

Maybe you have already read on my blog that I'm doing the HobbyCraft and Stitches Show at the SECC in Glasgow next march. I've done a lot of small craft fairs, but this is the first BIG event. I'm going to take most of my stock, fabrics, patterns, mags, etc. And now my question: so far I didn't need a portable credit/debit card machine for my craft markets, but this show is much bigger.

When you visit craft events, do you expect the exhibitors to take cards? Will I need one?
I hope the question is not too stupid, but I would love to hear your opinions!

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Reversible "Lakritsi" top in navy and campan jersey, Ottobre issue 4/2009...

...the other side...

Hooded sweater in red sweat and different jerseys, Ottobre issue 4/2007

Wednesday 11 November 2009

The craft fair last Saturday was very successful, lots of people came along, looking for Christmas presents. And normally I sell more girls clothes than boys stuff. But this time it was the other way round, what a surprise! It was a surprise indeed as I have always more girls clothes than boys. And now I have even less :-( Good in a way, but not good for the coming events ... So the next clothes I will be sewing are for boys, boys, boys...

Ok, I'm going to start 0n the boys stuff after this one :-)

Sunday 1 November 2009

Back again

It was a very nice but pretty stressful trip to Holland. Three suppliers in two days, you can imagine that I even dreamt of fabrics at night...They all had nice collections and I'm already looking forward to next summer, especially with this rain here at the moment :-) I'm taking a new supplier on board next year, POLYTEX Stoffe, some of you might have heard of it already. And there will also be some ABRACADABRA patterns available in the shop in January.

Have you heard of Tone Finnanger? She is a Norwegian designer and the founder of TILDA. Her books and fabrics are lovely and well known in the craft world. And I can already tell you that I'll get some Tilda reprint fabrics in at the beginning of next year. Only a small selection, but really lovely!
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